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[34th arrow] wind is changing

[video post engages, showing Doumeki wearing a comfortable robe, soft and fluffy, his hair damp from a bath or shower, sitting on the floor by the coffee table with a bowl of rice porridge and a pot of tea. he's looking significantly better, the grey smudges under his eyes gone and his face less pale. his expression is still somewhat blank, but he glances off to the side and something crosses his face. it is obvious there's another person around. he glances back down to the LP]

It seems things are settling down again.

Probably the calm before the storm, knowing this place.

[a drawn out pause, and he glances down to the coffee table before looking off to the side again]

I'm getting much better.

[end of post]
Tags: diva, event, getting better, ichijou, unsettled
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