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[35th arrow] as predicted

[video post engages, a little shaky at first, and then it comes into focus. Doumeki's face appears calm, but there is obvious tension around the corners of his mouth, between his eyebrows, and in his jaw.

he has a fist-sized dark purple bruise with slight yellowing around the edges on his left cheek, just below the cheekbone, it is obviously several days old, but he pays it no mind.

when he speaks, his voice is calm]

I thought as much.

[there is a long pause, and he sighs, his eyes falling shut for a moment]

This Island never quits.

[it is obviously not the turkeys that Doumeki was just talking about - his face looks far too tired, and far too serious. there is another long pause, and he sets the LP down at the side of his bed, showing that he's in his room, sitting cross-legged on the bed in a yukata]

Watanuki, I'll shoot a turkey from the window if you cook it.

[private to watanuki, takuma, himawari // very difficult to hack]

Please. Don't get involved this time. Any of you.

Tags: diva, domestic violence, event, ichijou, kunogi, oiiiy?, watanuki
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