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[37th arrow] someone to watch over me

[video post engages, showing Doumeki lying on his side in a bed, in what seems to be the studio apartments rather than his own apartment. his hair is slightly stuck to his forehead, and he looks pale and exhausted.

he stares at the screen for some time, blankly, before moving his hand and changing the settings to private]

[private to ichiru, ichigo, and cissnei // extremely difficult to hack]

[his voice is calm and serious; he doesn't know about the heartless plot at the moment, so pardon the message to missing people]

I need to speak to each of you.

In person. In private.

[a long pause, during which he closes his eyes for a moment, then opens them again and works his mouth slightly]


Tags: asking for help, cissnei, diva, don't feel good, doumeki is dangerous now, god i'm tired, ichigo, ichiru, vampire!meki
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