Doumeki Shizuka (talldarknsnarky) wrote,
Doumeki Shizuka

[39th arrow] getting out

[The video post engages, showing Doumeki sitting on his bed in a samue, his hand shaking slightly as he holds the LP.]

Happy Christmas.

[private to watanuki // very hard to hack]

I'm going out into the woods tonight. Please stay in town.


For Himawari: A muneate, a chest protector for female archers, decorated in blue and gold, and 10 new arrows.
For Watanuki: A pocket watch (given to him on the 24th)
For Cissnei: A carefully wrapped package of various Christmas treats, and a packet of ginger tea.
For Ichigo: A couple of hemp/leather bracelets and a set of black badass looking goggles for when he's running around way too fast.
For Ichiru: A scoodie (scarf with a hood), in dark purple, with a matching pair of gloves, and a packet of ginger tea.
For Alice: A stuffed rabbit and a selection of holiday themed teas.
For Syaoran: A magatama pendant on a leather cord.
Tags: blood, brb brooding in the woods, christmas gifts, vampire!meki
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