Doumeki Shizuka (talldarknsnarky) wrote,
Doumeki Shizuka

[40th arrow] on returning

[the video post engages as the LP hits the ground, and the diagonally tilted video shows Doumeki standing in the sand of the beach, a short way away from it. he is dressed in a white button up shirt and a pair of khaki slacks, with a laptop bag on the sand beside him.

he hesitates for a moment, his head turning slightly back and forth, golden eyes scanning the area around him. it isn't obvious at first, but he is much taller, his face a bit more mature, hair short again and shoulders broader. his eyes fall on the LP, and a large hand comes toward it, scooping it up and peering into it for a moment]

Ah. This place again.

[a pause]

Tags: back from canon update, grown!meki, salkia again, watanuki
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