Doumeki Shizuka (talldarknsnarky) wrote,
Doumeki Shizuka

[41st arrow] blatant fanservice

[at first it seems questionable whether this is an accidental video post or not - Doumeki has set the LP to the side of the counter, and is leaning in to finish the last of what is obviously a morning shave. he is shirtless, with a towel around his neck, leaning forward and peering intensely into the mirror and drawing his razor down the apex of his jawline.

after a few more slow sweeps of the razor, he puts it aside and washes the last vestiges of shaving cream from his face, and dries it off with the towel around his neck, glancing over at the LP]

I can't help but feel like I'm wasting my time right now.

[his voice is soft, and a bit moody]

I suppose I should go shopping. Again.
Tags: fanservice, grown!meki, shaving, too big for my old yukata
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