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doumeki; character relationships

a list of in-character relationships
- if i've forgotten you and you think you should be here, please let me know!

watanuki kimihiro
watanuki is probably the most important person in doumeki's life outside of his late grandfather. he is someone that doumeki would lay his life down for without question, and has sacrificed a great deal for. when doumeki first arrived at salkia, however, watanuki had already been on the island for several months and seemed to have moved on from his relationship with doumeki. this was a rather tumultuous time for doumeki as he watched watanuki's rocky relationship with a vampire hunter turned vampire, zero, and experienced a great deal of being shut out of watanuki's life. watanuki blew hot and cold, which regressed their relationship to some extent, though doumeki still wanted to protect the boy. watanuki did many things that hurt doumeki, including some minor leading on and most notably by committing suicide. however, watanuki left, and returned a couple of weeks later with no memory of his previous stay on the island (ie. the character was dropped and re-apped)...doumeki approached him with caution, but watanuki now seems much more willing to be close with doumeki again like they were at home. watanuki is now helping doumeki move past the injuries inflicted previously on the island, and doumeki is coming to trust him a bit more. their relationship has progressed despite watanuki confessing that he's stuck in the shop at home, and things are starting to move vaguely in a much, much more...complicated direction - and this time it seems like watanuki may be more receptive...
kunogi himawari
a friend from doumeki's school, and also a friend of watanuki's. though they mostly associate because of a shared interest in and friendship with watanuki, doumeki considers kunogi to be one of his friends. they have several unspoken understandings, and he will go out of his way to protect her now that they're no longer at home. he has also recently taken up teaching her archery. more recently, the two have started to become a lot closer, with doumeki even slipping into using her first name occasionally - they are close friends, and she is one person who has consistently stuck by him and done nothing to hurt him. he cares for her deeply as a good friend.
tsuyuri kohane
a little girl that doumeki originally met through watanuki, she has the ability to see spirits. she and watanuki have an intensely close relationship, and doumeki quickly took to her as well. he feels very protective over her, and is willing to do what it takes to help make her happy and help her feel safe. he enjoys mussing her hair. the two have become closer on the island, though they don't talk overly often. kohane uses his first name, and they have helped each other out a few times during difficult situations.
ichijou takuma
one of the first people outside of people from home that doumeki met in person, and has become one of the most important people on the island to him. ichijou has stuck by him when he was feeling his worst, and opened up to him, even learning to make onigiri for him. ichijou is one of the people who tells doumeki to stop saying things are fine when they're not. doumeki has come to rely on ichijou in a way that he doesn't rely on other people. ichijou has consistently been someone doumeki can trust, and turn to when the chips are down (as they often are on salkia). ichijou has asked for doumeki to share his feelings, and doumeki tries to do this as much as possible. they have an off and on schedule where ichijou feeds from doumeki, which is a very intimate thing. doumeki has some complicated feelings for ichijou that he is only marginally aware of, though this relationship has been strained by ichijou's recent self-sacrificing decision to offer himself up as a plaything for the vampire diva, witholding this information from doumeki so doumeki couldn't stop him. this has broken doumeki's trust in ichijou to some extent, and he's very angry - it is almost certain, though, that time will heal this wound.
kiryuu ichiru
the younger twin brother of zero, who doumeki only recently spoke to on a serious basis. he seems, to doumeki, to be a lot like watanuki, and his complete brokenness inspired sympathy in doumeki. ichiru told doumeki that he wanted to be saved, and doumeki was willing to try to help save him. the two have had several deep conversations off and on, and they have come to each other's aid, most notably when ichiru was killed in a rockslide after an encounter with himawari's bad luck, and doumeki went to great lengths to try to save him, and when doumeki was upset on several occasions and ichiru went out of his way to offer words of comfort. though they don't talk terribly frequently, doumeki considers ichiru someone he would protect and he does care for the boy. doumeki earned the nickname 'meki-bear' from ichiru when ichiru was delirious from fever, since ichiru sees him as being reliable and strong like a bear.
kurosaki ichigo
someone doumeki befriended when ichigo asked about his after-death experiences, following his accident with overdrinking. the two had a sort of quick chemistry, and ichigo is going to help doumeki train in speeding up with his archery. doumeki finds him very interesting, and ichigo has called him a friend. a lovely blooming bromance. ♥~
doumeki's hacking sensei - he asked her if she would teach him to hack entries on the LP after he decided to take matters into his own hands regarding kaname. she's been giving him lessons on how to hack private entries so he can see for himself if kaname asks for watanuki without telling him so. he intends to find some good way of paying her back for her help. after his overdrinking experience, cissnei had a bit of a chat with him that helped him immensely (and her too, though he didn't know it) and he is starting to feel like she's a friend on salkia. recently, he has been trying off and on to help her through some recent emotional issues she's been facing, most notably by asking watanuki to make a meal for her and going to make sure she ate. he would like to do more for her if possible, and he keeps a close eye on her, even though he knows she's completely capable of protecting herself.
kiryuu zero
doumeki previously had a lot of problems with zero - he was the person who replaced doumeki in watanuki's life as his protector, and their frequent fights ended up too often with watanuki injured or seriously depressed, leaving doumeki suspicious of him and resentful of him. despite this, when watanuki wasn't involved, doumeki got along quite well with zero and could appreciate some of the boy's dry sense of humour when it showed himself. however, like watanuki, zero disappeared and reappeared a month or so later with no memory of the island (ie. the character was dropped and re-apped) and doumeki is more than willing to forget the injuries of the past, though he remains somewhat wary, especially since he told watanuki about the previous relationship with zero. doumeki holds no grudge against zero, but he is concerned about going through the same emotional rollercoaster if watanuki becomes attached to him again.
aidou hanabusa
someone from ichijou's homeworld that doumeki has interacted with a few times because of ichijou. he's gradually developed a bit of rapport with the vampire, though there's a certain amount of mutual wariness - doumeki is suspicious of aidou's lack of self-control, and aidou is holding a grudge after accidentally tasting some of doumeki's blood and finding it disgusting. despite this, aidou has spoken to himawari in a friendly way, and doumeki and aidou have shared a great deal of information dealing with ichijou and other vampire matters, and have most recently worked together to make sure ichijou was safe after his encounter with diva. doumeki's opinion of aidou is rapidly improving. at this rate he might make it onto the positive list someday!
kuran juuri
a mother vampire that doumeki met through ichijou. though doumeki has no particular relationship with her himself, beyond a few meetings where he found her to be friendly and mothering, he does consider her an ally, as she is very protective of the other vampires from her home on the island, and she's very powerful. this is a set of traits he admires, and he could become friends with her if they interacted more. he currently likes her enough that he agreed to feed her five year old daughter, yuuki, so juuri could take a break.
a sadistic and cruel vampire with a playful streak that recently came to the island, diva started off with a bang by luring ichijou into her games and doing him quite a bit of harm. doumeki considers her a dangerous person and seriously dislikes her for what she's done to ichijou. if she tries to do it again, it's very likely this situation will escalate, and not in a good way...
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