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Fandom: xxxHolic (manga)
Name: Shizuka Doumeki (usually called by his surname)
Age: never clearly stated, but probably 17

Physical Description of Character:
reference 1
reference 2 (these are the clothes he'll be arriving in)

Doumeki is relatively tall, I'd guess around 5'11" or so, and athletically built with good upper body strength due to him being an archer. His skin is tan, his hair short and black, and his eyes are an amber or golden colour. He wears very traditional Japanese clothing when he's not in his school uniform, and is never shown in modern or westernized clothing.

Point in Canon: I'm going with Chapter 178. Page 8. Top panel. XD Basically, he's watching over Watanuki while the boy looks for Yuuko in her home. He will close his eyes for a moment, and when he opens them, he'll be in Salkia!

Personality: Doumeki is a man of few words, and he expresses few emotions - a tall, stoic person almost to a fault. However, just because he's quiet and mostly unexpressive doesn't mean that's all there is to him...he just thinks it's a bit silly to throw everything out there in the open.

There's a lot of good about Doumeki. He's supportive, patient, tolerant, and can be extremely compassionate. After all, he does stick with Watanuki and protect him even though the boy says he hates him constantly. He has a very strong sense of himself, and his place in the world, and he doesn't let people tell him otherwise. He's also very hard-working, and doesn't take no for an answer. Even when he's told something is impossible, he'll keep on working at it, and tends to rely on his own hard work, knowledge, and ingenuity rather than using supernatural fixes or wishes as a crutch. He's also quite perceptive, and can get the feel of a situation, or intuit things about people in order to react to them, whether or not he says outright what's going on. For example, in his canon, he could tell that Himawari had some sort of bad luck or curse, and that his presence anulled it - instead of telling anyone he knew this, he simply inserted himself into private time between her and Watanuki to avoid the boy getting hurt. Also, he tends to see people as equals and he doesn't discriminate. He might make a joke at the expense of someone's weirdness, but he doesn't seem to treat them as less of a person because of it, and he tends to accept things as they are rather than imposing his own perception of sanity onto things.

However, Doumeki, like most real people, is not all good. His major negative personality traits are that he can be incredibly egocentric and very stubborn. He has a high opinion of himself, and this can cause him to be pushy about things he wants, or to have an entitled attitude, just expecting that things will go his way or people will do things for him. He doesn't give up on things he wants, and will doggedly pursue his desired outcome, sometimes even if it causes a bit of short-term pain. Also, he can be a bit of a jerk, and has a slightly skewed sense of humour, seeming to enjoy riling people up and watching the ensuing drama - his most frequent victim in this is Watanuki, but I can see him doing it with other exciteable type people. Doumeki is quiet, and stoic, and combined with his egocentrism, this can make him come across as abrasive or stuck-up and uncaring of others, even when that isn't exactly true - he just prefers to express things in non-verbal ways. He doesn't feel the need to explain his motivations, or his reasons for doing what he does, he simply does them, and this can make him come across like a presumptuous jerk at times. Not that he particularly cares about others' opinions of himself - another problem in and of itself.

Finally, Doumeki is picky about food, specifically about who made it. He can sense a lot about a cook through how they prepare food, and he doesn't like to eat things that have no feeling or the wrong feeling. Besides this, he's also a bit of a lush and loves a good drink of sake or beer, or two drinks, or maybe three bottles, not that he shows when he's drunk.

History of the Character: Doumeki was born in Japan on March 3, a little girls' celebration day, and taken home to a Buddhist shrine that his family lives in and runs. He was a bit of a weak child, whether this was emotionally or physically or both is never specified, but his grandfather, the high priest of the temple, corrected this through dressing the boy up in a girls' kimono - a rite that seems to have worked to toughen Doumeki up. Doumeki's grandfather, Haruka, was the strongest influence in his life until Haruka died when Doumeki was in 5th grade. Haruka had a similar set of abilities to the ones Doumeki has - he could exorcise spirits as well as see and converse with them, and he shared his vast treasure trove of knowledge about Japanese folklore and the spirit world with his grandson. Judging by Doumeki's traditional style of dress and his spoilt brat mentality, as well as how he speaks about his home, he had a stable, traditional, but very loving homelife, and was more attached to his grandfather than his parents.

Doumeki grew up into a pretty average high schooler. He was popular with the girls and other classmates, a member of the archery club and very important to his team in tournaments, a member of the student council, and at home he helped out with chores around the shrine. The only blips in this relatively normal school life were the death of his grandfather and the day he observed Kimihiro Watanuki standing in the rain, holding a dead animal and bemoaning the fact that he would die alone. This latter incident struck home with Doumeki, and though he didn't do anything at the time, it influenced his actions later on when Watanuki became more a part of his life.

Everything changed the day that Watanuki and his newfound (and more than a little crazy) boss, Yuuko the dimensional witch, asked to use a room at his shrine to tell 100 Ghost Stories. What should have been a simple double-date scenario became an encounter with the spirit world that almost resulted in Watanuki's death, and did result in Doumeki discovering his ability to exorcise spirits. From that point on, his fate was entwined with Watanuki's. Over the next while, he started assisting Watanuki with various supernatural incidents and 'missions' that Yuuko would send them on, things like guarding Watanuki while he investigated a haunted school or helping gather water from a well that had never touched pipes, all the while seeing the outcomes of various wishes that patrons of Yuuko's shop made, the results more often than not painful for the wisher.

A few of these incidents were particularly important to Doumeki's development as a character. The first was when Watanuki was tempted by a lonely ghost who sucked his energy when he was around her. Doumeki noticed the effects this spirit had on Watanuki and was forced to choose between risking being completely hated by Watanuki and the boy continuing to live - he chose to save Watanuki's life and destroy the spirit, one of the most difficult decisions he's made to date. Another was the incident of the spider, in which Doumeki inspired a spider's grudge and almost forfeit his right eye for it. When Watanuki tried to sacrifice his own right eye to save Doumeki, a series of events ended with Doumeki giving Watanuki half the 'spirit' of his right eye, as well as half the vision, and afterwards he started developing the ability to see spirits through Watanuki's eye. The next was when Watanuki fell from the second story of the high school with a pane of glass, a result of Himawari's bad luck, and Doumeki, along with Himawari and someone else, had to sacrifice to pay for a wish to save the boy's life, the first time Doumeki even considered asking for a wish, and the first time he was able to see Yuuko's shop. His price was a significant amount of blood that was given to Watanuki, and after this the shared vision became stronger, with Doumeki being able to clearly see spirits. The most recent events in the manga have surrounded a young girl named Kohane with the ability to see spirits like Watanuki. Doumeki helped Watanuki to rescue the girl from an abusive homelife, and he has decided to offer her similar protection to what he gives Watanuki. He has also been staying with Watanuki while waiting for Yuuko, who seems to have disappeared...

Magical Powers/Skills: Doumeki has two distinct sets of abilities - those that occur to him naturally, and those that he needs another person or item to use. The first category includes an immunity to curses and other ill effects that might be caused by another person, and an ability to naturally repel any spirit or ghost type creature with harmful intentions (example: he drives away spirits intending to eat Watanuki, but can safely interact with a benign ghost in a cherry tree). In the latter category is the ability to see spirits, which he can generally only do through use of Watanuki's vision, and an ability to exorcise or destroy spirits, which he can do by using a bow to shoot an arrow of his own energy at the spirit in question.

Weapons: Doumeki has a Japanese bow, but he didn't have it on him at the point I'm taking him from. I'm not sure if he'd be allowed to have it or not and I wasn't sure how to ask. Eheh.

Writing samples:

Personal LJ Sample:

[video seems to be shooting at an odd angle, and then tilting at an opposite diagonal angle, as he rotates the little device in his hand, the video blurring slightly as he tilts it back and forth]

Hn. Aren't other worlds and dreams usually that person's type of thing?

[tapping at the mic for a moment]

People can see this?

I'm looking for a boy named Watanuki. He's pale, noodle thin, has messy hair, and wears glasses. He flails around like an idiot a lot, waving his arms, like some kind of dance, and makes a lot of weird noises. He's difficult to miss.

If you see him, tell him that Doumeki is looking for him.

Third-Person Sample:

He'd certainly entered some strange sort of world when he'd allowed that woman and the idiot to use his home for 100 Ghost Stories. The type of world where spirits tried to eat people, eyes were stolen and devoured, and where a man could close his eyes for two seconds and suddenly wake up in a jungle.

Sighing deeply to himself, Doumeki moved, bare feet padding on the ground, and looked around with a tired expression on his face. Usually, this dream business, or other worlds business, was a Yuuko sort of thing or a Watanuki sort of thing, but no, this time it seemed that whatever hitsuzen they believed in had pulled him along for the ride. No doubt this was Watanuki's fault, somehow. That idiot had probably gotten into trouble again, and needed Doumeki's help.

Doumeki slipped a hand inside the sleeve of his yukata and ran long fingers over the smooth, slightly warm surface of the egg that sat heavily in the pocket there. Curling fingers around it and pulling the weight of it into his palm, he withdrew it and gave the unresponsive surface of it a look over. He wasn't sure if this tropical business was what he needed to be prepared for, if this was the time that was coming, but he reminded himself not to hesitate.

Sliding the egg back into the pocket of his sleeve, he turned his attention to the small electronic gadget and key that had been somehow slipped onto his person. Curiously, it was exactly the opposite of the type of thing that usually came with these dreams - not the sort of thing his grandfather would put into a dream, it looked more like the sort of device a teenage girl would use with her friends.

Sighing again, Doumeki started poking at buttons and looking at the screen, trying to work it out. Computers and electronics had never been his forté.
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