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Doumeki Shizuka
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Name: Doumeki Shizuka
Gender: male
Age: 17
Birthday: March 3
Height: 6'1"
Weight: 180 lbs
Hair: black
Eyes: gold/amber
Other: right eye has half of perfect vision


Housing: House 9
Roommate: Yagami Raito
Occupation: Sales @ Cloak and Dagger
Work Schedule: tba
Weapons: yumi (Japanese asymmetrical longbow) and arrows
Archery: skilled in tournament archery - great aim, but pretty slow; he's working on increasing his speed
Exorcism: with use of his bow and arrow, he can exorcise harmful spirits; he's discovered that his exorcism ability works as an anti-vampire weapon on vampires from the series Vampire Knight, stopping their quick-healing process and capable of injuring or killing them, and that he is able to shrink the curse haunting Ichiru (from Vampire Knight)
Repelling Spirits: his blood is repellent to negative and harmful spirits, keeping them away within an approximate 20 foot radius; he's discovered that his blood is palatable to vampires from Vampire Knight, so long as he is offering it willingly - if taken by force, it tastes terrible, and that his presence completely dispels the curse haunting Ichiru (from Vampire Knight)
Immunity to Curses: he is immune to most negative effects from curses, including the innate bad luck of Himawarai (from xxxHolic)
Seeing Spirits: he is capable of seeing spirits that other humans cannot through the sharing of his right eye with Watanuki (from xxxHolic) and can occasionally see glimpses of Watanuki's vision when Watanuki is emotionally disturbed

Death Count: 1


Series: xxxHolic (manga and animé)


Watanuki Kimihiro: a boy who Doumeki has chosen to protect, and who he has very complicated feelings for...Watanuki is currently seeing someone else, and this has put Doumeki through a great deal of emotional stress, but he will not give up on his protective role or his friendship and insistence on being part of Watanuki's life
Kunogi Himawari: a girl from home that Doumeki attends school with and former crush of Watanuki...Doumeki has become protective over her and is concerned for her well-being, as she is often lonely in Salkia since she doesn't want make new friends because of a bad luck curse


Ichijou Takuma: a vampire who shares a house with Himawari...though Doumeki was initially suspicious of him, he has come to trust Ichijou and rely on him to some extent, as Ichijou seems to be one of the few people who doesn't take advantage of Doumeki's protective nature...though Ichijou isn't the best cook, Doumeki currently favours his onigiri because of the feeling he puts in them
Kiryuu Ichiru: the younger twin brother of Watanuki's love interest...Doumeki has only met him a couple of times, but his similarities to Watanuki and the sheer extent of how broken he is, as well as a request from Ichiru for help to save himself has inspired Doumeki to feel relatively proective over this boy
Kiryuu Zero: the vampire hunter turned vampire who's seeing Watanuki...Ichiru's older twin brother...Doumeki has very mixed feelings on Zero - though he finds him tolerable on most fronts and would like to see Zero and Ichiru reconciled, he is very jealous of the attention Watanuki gives Zero, and he sees Zero as abusive to Watanuki
Cissnei: a hacker who is instructing Doumeki on how to make secure private or filtered posts, as well as teaching him to hack into other private and secure posts...Doumeki approached her on advice from another hacker, because he felt he needed to keep an eye on some of the goings-on with Watanuki and the Vampire Knights cast

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